1.1. Complaints: refers to dissatisfactions about the service provided or dispute related to the product.
1.2. Complainant: refers to an individual, or jurist person or representative of an individual or juristic person who submits a complaint with Lefika Securities.
1.3. Complaints Officer: this is the individual appointed by Lefika to handle complaints, who works under the supervision of the Compliance officer.
1.4. FAIS ombuds: refers to the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Ombudsman, which was established in terms of the Financial Services Act, 37 of 2002
1.5. Query: refers to requests for assistance with matters related to system failures, or glitches to the client portal.
1.6. Query register: complaints categorised as queries are to be log into the query register.

2. Objective and key principles

2.1. Lefika Securities is committed to:

2.1.1. Resolving client complaints in a fair manner for clients;
2.1.2. Ensuring that customers are fully informed of complaints procedures;
2.1.3. Ensuring access to our complaints resolution facilities by way of email, telephone or post;
2.1.4. Ensuring complaints handlers are adequately trained;
2.1.5. Dealing with complaints in a timely manner, with each complaint being treated on a case by case basis, based on the merits of the matter;
2.1.6. Where a complaint is resolved in favour of a client, offering full and appropriate redress;
2.1.7. Informing clients of their right to refer their complaints to the relevant Ombudsman should a complaint not be resolved to their satisfaction;
2.1.8. Maintaining records of all complaints received for a minimum period of 5 years or as required by law.

3. Submitting a complaint

3.1. All complaints should be referred to the Complaints Officer at:
3.1.1. Email:

3.1.2. Tel: 010 020 3563


3.2. complaints should be submitted as follows:
3.2.1. in writing, by completing the complaints form (Annexure A) and emailing it to, attaching all supporting documents relevant to the complaint to enable Lefika Securities to attend to the complainant’s concerns timeously
3.2.2. If email contact is not possible, by calling 010 020 3563;
3.3. Once a complaint is received an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the complainant including reference to this complaint

4. Complaints procedure

Upon receipt of a complaint, the complaints officer shall categorise the complaint and allocate a complaint handler, and the below procedure shall be adhered to when handling complaints received from clients


4.1. Client Queries

Clients may raise queries, by sending an email to the trader assisting or handling their trades. In the event the query is not resolved within 24 hours clients may send complaints to the complaints officer at the address provided in clause 3.1 above.


4.2. Client Complaints

4.2.1. Client who are dissatisfied with the intermediary service, provided by Lefika Securities or any of its representative/employees must submit a complaint.
4.2.2. The complaint handler will acknowledge the client’s complaint within 24 hours of the client submitting it, together with submitting a copy of the client’s complaints and Dispute Resolution Process to the client;
4.2.3. The Complainant must provide Lefika Securities with the following information:
a) Your name, surname and contact details;
b) A complete description of your complaint;
c) The name of the person who provided you with financial advice or an intermediary service;
d) The date on which the matter complained about happened;
e) All documentation relating to your complaint;
4.2.4. The complaint handler may request any relevant information if not provided by client at the submission of complaint.


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